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As a leading tourist attraction and an iconic symbol of Calgary, the Calgary Tower is pleased to support the community by donating complimentary admission tickets to a variety of worthy causes.

As the Calgary Tower receives numerous requests for donations, the following guidelines must be followed to ensure fairness:

  • The Calgary Tower is privately owned and therefore has its own selection review and policies. Donation request approval is at the sole discretion of Calgary Tower management and not subject to appeals or negotiation

  • Donations are issued only to registered Canadian charities.

  • Donation requests must be received at least six weeks in advance of the deadline.

  • Each charity is eligible to receive one donation from the Calgary Tower per year.

  • Preference is given to organizations that promote and support Calgary’s local communities.

  • Preference is given to organizations that reside in Calgary.

Please complete the Donation Request Form below and hit submit or email to:

Calgary Tower Donations 


A donation from the Calgary Tower consists of 4 General Admission Tickets.


The Calgary Tower is committed to supporting and enhancing Calgary's community. If your request does not match our guidelines above please contact for more information.

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