Upper Class Education Program

Interactive Curriculum-Based Learning

The Upper Class Education Program provides field trip choices for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students (other grades are also welcome). Working with teachers, we have created full and half day programs that focus on collaborative learning, to give students a whole new perspective on Calgary’s architecture, history, and geography.

Students complete 2 main components: a hands-on activity and a technology-based activity. All activities are designed to fit with, and enhance your curriculum, while keeping students engaged and having fun. Our Education Coordinator will work closely with you to make organizing your field trip easy and enjoyable.

Cost & Class Size

Full Day: $15.00/student

Half Day: $10.00/student

We offer 1 complimentary teacher or parent volunteer for every 8 students. Additional adults are welcome at a special rate of $13.00 per person.

The Upper Class program was designed for 1 class (maximum of 30 students), however it is possible to have 2 classes attend on the same day (maximum of 60 students). Please inquire for more details.

Field Trip Schedule

Typical Full Day (recommended for grades 3-6)







Typical Half Day (recommended for grades K-2)






Hands-On Activities

We offer a number of different hands-on activities for each grade level. Through these activities, students are encouraged to think about how our city and the Tower were constructed, how they would construct their own tower, and the importance of the buildings in the downtown core.


Technology-Based Activity

Grade 1-6 students will be paired up, and given a tablet with a series of questions to answer as they move around the Observation Deck. Questions cover social studies, mathematics, science, local history, architecture, geography, and the design and construction of the Tower.

Our handheld multimedia guide is also available to students, and is suitable for grades K-6. This award-winning tour provides students with a panoramic view of the city, which matches the view from our windows. Important landmarks are highlighted, and can be interacted with to bring up information and interesting facts. Tours are available in English, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.

Physical Education Activity (optional)

Your class can also add a physical education component by climbing the 802 stairs that are inside the mast of the Calgary Tower. Recommended for grades 3 and higher. Please inquire if you would like this included in your day.